FashionXC charges commission depending on the selling price of an item. You would be receiving the below percentages: 

70% between $1,000 USD and $5,000 USD

75% above $5,000 USD

80% on items above $10,000 and selected items*


Please Note: We combine the commission structure depending on the sale price ie.

If sale price is $5500, you get 70% for the first $5000 ($3500) and 75% for the balance $500 ($375). Your total payout would be $3,875.

*Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions through email at info@fashionxc.com or over the phone at (855) 444-6937


Payment to You

FashionXC agrees to pay proceeds from the sale of the consigned merchandise within fourteen (14) business days of receipt by the buyer.

Payment method can be selected by you. It can be a cheque mailed to you or a bank transfer. (Actual charges for courier company and bank transfer apply). Please fill the information in your ‘My Info’ section.

Installment plan: For items that have sold using our installment plan, payment will be made to you after full payment is received by us. 


Return of Items

FashionXC will keep the items on the site till they sell. If you choose for your items to be returned:

After 90 days: You agree to leave the consigned merchandise with FashionXC for a minimum of ninety (90) days. If you choose for the item to be returned after this period, all charges for courier will be paid by you.

FashionXC reserves the right to purchase the item and pay you the established price before the end of 14 day notice period.

If the item you have submitted is proved to be in a unsellable condition, FashionXC will contact you to arrange a return and all fees will be paid by you. 


Counterfeit Items

If the item you send us is determined to be counterfeit/fake, FashionXC will throw it away. Please Do NOT send unauthentic items.


Sale of Consigned Merchandise

FashionXC agrees to photograph and write copy for the consigned merchandise and list it for sale on its website; www.Fashionxc.com  

FashionXC guarantees authenticity of every item offered for sale. Therefore, you warrant the consigned merchandise to be authentic. In the event that we determine the merchandise to be counterfeit, item will be thrown away.

You warrant that you are in legal possession of the consigned merchandise therefore proof of identification will be required upon receipt of selected items in compliance with the provision of the Crime Investigation Department.

FashionXC will make every attempt to obtain the highest possible selling price for the consigned merchandise and shall have full control on pricing the item . 

FashionXC does not offer stain removal or color restoration. Please send your items ready for sale.

FashionXC reserves the right to decline merchandise for consignment at their discretion.

FashionXC does not provide shoe cleaning.

In the event that the clothing items are determined to be in a ‘Gently Used’ condition or require laundry while performing quality check, your item will be submitted to our third party laundry service. The amount of this service will be deducted from your payout once the item is sold. The amount differs based on the item type and condition.


Loss or Damage

Upon delivery, FashionXC shall maintain adequate insurance coverage for the consigned merchandise including risks of fire, flood, theft and damage. All risk of loss or damage to the merchandise in transit to us shall be borne by you.


Package your items securely and send them by insured carrier to :


1550 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy

ST R #509

Henderson, NV 89012

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