Are all the items sold on The FXC authentic?

The FXC employs authenticity experts who perform thorough inspection of each and every item, making sure of their authenticity. 


Do the items on sale come with an authenticity card or certificates?

Since most of the items on the site are given to us by individuals, the availability of an authenticity card or certificate differs from one item to the next. Whether or not an item comes with an authenticity card or certificate is stated in the description section of each item.


Are all the items on The FXC used?

The majority of the items on The FXC are pre-owned however there are some that are brand new and are marked Pristine with or without tags attached.


What condition are the items sold on The FXC in?

The items are in varying conditions from Pristine to Good (well used). The condition of each item is clearly stated in the description section of each item.

Pristine: The item is in mint condition, and has never been used. 

New: The item has minuscule, an unnoticeable signs of use.

Very Good: The item has noticeable but minor signs of use.

Good: The item has several highly noticeable signs of use.


Does The FXC have a physical store that I can visit?

No, The FXC is an online store.


Does The FXC have a seasonal sale?

All the items on The FXC  are already discounted. 

We are Always On Sale. Check in regularly to see the we offer the best prices available.


How can I pay for my purchase(s)?

We accept payments online using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover , PayPal and ApplePay.


Can I buy an item by paying in installments?

The FXC allows you to buy in installments over time. Payout will be sent to you after the full payment has been completed. Learn more about our installments option.



Does The FXC purchase my item from me directly?

The FXC uses a consignment method of selling which means that we pay you after the item has sold.

The FXC charges commission depending on the selling price of an item. You would be receiving the below percentages:

70% for the first $5,000 USD

75% between $5,000 USD and 10,000 USD

80% after $10,000 and selected items


Please Note: We combine the commission structure depending on the sale price ie.

If sale price is $5500, you get 70% for the first $5000 ($3,500) and 75% for the balance $500 ($370). Your total payout would be $3,875.


*Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through email at info@thefashionxc.com, over the phone at (855) 444-6237 or on our live chat for further details on the selected items.


Who will decide the selling price of my item?

The FXC team will provide you with a quotation range for your item. This range is arrived at after researching the estimated retail price of the item, and its resale value. We also consider the condition of the item, and how popular and ‘in style’ the item is.


How long will it take to sell my item?

The speed at which your item sells depends on its brand, style, condition and price. Some styles are quick to fly off the shelves, while others take a bit more time. 


Does The FXC keep my item or do I?

The FXC keeps your item for the purpose of maintaining its condition and quick delivery.


How long will the The FXC keep my item?

The FXC will keep your item for a minimum of 90 days. You may choose to end the agreement at any point subject to a 14-day notice period before an item can be returned. Shipping fees are borne by you.


Where will the The FXC keep my item?

We keep your item in-house, in our secure and temperature controlled facility.


Does The FXC accept any/all items?

No. The FXC reserves the right to reject items that are inauthentic or are not in sellable condition.


What happens if my items are not accepted?

For items that are not accepted, The FXC will contact you to arrange a return. 

Items that are deemed unauthentic will be thrown away after you are notified. Please only send Authentic merchandise.


Does The FXC offer pick-up services?

No, The FXC uses trusted carriers such as UPSP, UPS and Fedex and recommend the same. Please insure your valuable merchandise prior to shipping.


When will I receive payment after my item has sold?

You will be paid 14 days after your item has sold and we have received full payment for it. For orders paid in installments, you will receive your payout once the buyer has in full.


How will I be paid after my item has sold?

The FXC pays sellers either through cheque, PayPal or bank transfer.


How do I sell my item at The FXC?

Selling your item with The FXC is Super Easy!

1. Register/login

2. Fill in the Item Submission Form

3. You will receive a quotation from The FXC

4. Send your item to us

5. We do the rest (We will authenticate, professionaly photograph and upload your item to the site within 2-3 weeks often sooner)


Please Note: In the event that the shoes are determined to be in a ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’ condition while performing quality check, they will be posted as such. The FXC does NOT offer a service by third party cleaners. Please send your items cleaned to ensure a higher payout. the FXC only accepts clean and well taken care of items.


How do I send my item to The FXC?

The FXC uses  trusted couriers, USPS, UPS and Fedex and we recommend the same. Please securely package your items, insure them accordingly and send them to our address:


The FashionXC

1550 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy ST R # 509

Henderson, NV 89012


How will I know if you’ve received my items?

The FXC Customer Care team will send you an e-mail as soon as we receive your item.



How do I change or reset my password?

If you have lost your password, you can reset it on your My Account page.


What features do I have access to after I create an account?

Creating an account allows you to access:

- all the latest items in the ‘What’s New’ section

- all the further discounted items in the ‘Sale’ section


It also allows you to:

- Purchase items in installments

- Create a wishlist to save all your favourite items in one place

- Create custom notifications to receive alerts for items that you want




How can I track my order?

You will receive an email as soon as your item ships. The email will enclose a tracking number and the name of our courier, which you can use to track your order. What are the shipping fees?

The shipping fees vary on the courier you choose. International shipping varies by location.

Please Note: Regulations may prohibit importation of items made with exotic materials.



Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order with 5 days or placing your order by reaching us on (855) 444-6237 or at info@thefashionxc.com or the Live Chat.


Does The FXC have a returns policy?

If you are unsatisfied with your item, you may return it within 7 days of receipt for a full refund, excluding the shipping fees.


How can I contact The FXC?

Contact our customer care team by:

Live Chat (on our website)

Telephone: 1 (855) 444-6937

Email: info@thefashionxc.com


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